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See how vile and evil the Qu’ran is by looking up passages based on categories of civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, slavery, jihad, morality, and freedom.[1]

To view the context of written quotes
-Qu’ran[2] (use Shakir)


And there is no room for reinterpretation of the Qu’ran and Hadith. (It’s corney but worth your time)[4]


Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, states that 10%-15% of all Muslims support militant Islam, aka TERRORISM. This is approximately 120,000,000 to 180,000,000 spread worldwide.[5]

The Islamic Bomb -The Islamic population will rapidly increase its share of the world population. Muslims represent 24% of world population ( One man out of four). This figure will attain 33% in 2050 ( One man out of three ). It could reach 37% in 2100 ( One man out of 2.7 ). [6]

Sharia Law in a nutshell is gamblers and drinkers should be whipped; wives should be beat for disobedience; eye for an eye judicial system; thieves get their hands chopped off; highway robbers crucified; homosexuals get executed; people who cheat on their spouses get stoned to death; critics of Islam must be put to death; those who leave Islam get killed; everyone else must engage in a Jihad.[7]

Arabs are not Canaanites, most of them are not direct descendants of Ishmael.[8]

And if some are descents of Ishmael they still don’t have a covenant with the Lord God almighty.[9]

Muslims are worse than the Amalekites that God ordered to be destroyed and who’s memory will be blotted out of the memory from under Heaven.[10]