DATA Dragnet – Edward Snowden

This blog continues next post Data Dragnet – Wrong Decisions. It started out as a Facebook rant and developed from there.

6/12/13 UPDATE #4 Rand Paul has put out a petition to be signed to become a part of the class action lawsuit against the NSA.  Here’s a link to the petition.[1] I signed the petition. Here’s a blog explaining more about it, which includes an email sent by Rand Paul explaining what you are signing. [2]

I actually view Rand Paul as a politician positioning himself towards a presidential run. So instead of standing firmly and unyielding on Reaganesque values, he will jump on any band wagon that will get him to his goal. I say this because I saw an interview with him stating he wants to be the “go between” between the conservatives, republicans, and democrats to make immigration reform happen; HE WANTS AMNESTY!!! I do NOT #STAND with Rand! I’m done #STANDing with politicians after being burned with Rubio and his Immigration Reform Debacle.

I now #STAND with my beliefs, my faith, and my principles. And if it means signing a petition for or writing a letter to someone I disagree with or even deplore, so be it.

6/11/13 UPDATE #3 ACLU Files Lawsuit Against NSA Phone Spying Program. Although I’m a conservative, ll take part in this. [3] See UPDATE #4

6/10/13 UPDATE #2

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower is a hero!!! Contact Congress to get him immunity. Of course with the drone program it might be better if he stayed in China.[5] SEE DATA Dragnet – Wrong Decisions

Outing agencies like the NSA who acted under Obama blogs aren’t my strong suit, so I added a picture linking the blog “NSA Dragnet Debacle: What It Means To IT” [6] in my “Let Us Not Forget” sidebar. It’s necessary that we know what happened and why. It’s also necessary we don’t forget, because our freedoms are slipping away so fast. Someday all sources to get this type of information will dry up if we don’t spread the word now and do what we can to stop it. It is then we will have state-run media.

Just some food for thought. Obama justifies the PRISM project to help with terrorism. And right now he says he’ll engage in cyberattacks against our foreign enemies. Don’t be fooled, he’d never engage in cyberattacks if it wasn’t for the optics of this latest scandal. And remember if Obama cared so much about Terrorism why did he call the Fort Hood Shooting Workplace Violence and not terrorism when the shooter who killed 13 people wounding 32 was a Muslim who yelled Allah Akbar when committing this act?


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Depopulation – the beliefs and plans


Hal Lindsey – exposes “The Good Club’s” Depopulation plan [1]
This “Good Club” wants to cap the world population at 8.5 billion. [2]

Members include
…Bill Gates
…David Rockerfeller, Jr
…Ted Turner
…Warren Buffet
…George Soros
…Michael Bloomberg

John Holdren
Obama’s appointed Science Czar. Like most Czars, they were not approved by the Senate, which is unconstitutional. He advocated in his book “Ecoscience”, sterilization of the human population by adding a sterilization drug to the food and water supply and the government taking babies away from single mom’s. [3]

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is part of the neo-eugenics movement to use vaccines to reduce the population. [4]

George Soros
George Soros has repeatedly stated that 1944, the year he helped the NAZI’s confiscate his fellow Jews property was the best time of his life, that he felt no remorse, but absolute power. [5]

Climage Change


Leading Climate Scientist John R. Christy researched two independent data sets, weather balloon and satellite. He found from this information gathered from the bulk of the atmosphere that climate change was neither catastrophic nor dramatic and it does not reflect climate change models. He also stated that increase in surface temperatures in the cities were because of pavement, concrete and other structures and not as a direct result of greenhouse gases. Watch portion of “Global Warming Doomsday Called Off” between 1:00 to 6:49 [1]

Go here to see all the opposing arguments, videos, articles, books and websites. Signed to date by more than 31,000 qualified scientists in the US (including more than 9,000 PhDs) who agree with the statement:

“there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of … [any] greenhouse gases … will … cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere or disruption of the Earth’s climate.”


Cap and Trade (American Power Act) was legislation proposed by members of U.S. Congress would increase gas prices increase by $2.58 a gallon according to George C. Marshall Institute& taxes on the average household up to $3200 according to the RNC for global warming alarmism.

Van Jones, former Green Jobs Czar, says the left is pretending the Green Movement to regulate. [3]

The mainstream media fails to finger point at Obama. “Don’t Expect to See Gasoline Below $3 Any Time Soon” [4]

“EPA: Shell, Thou Shalt Not Drill!!” The reason we can’t drill here.[5]
Reason: Air pollution from icebreakers, might, effect air quality in Kaktovik, an Eskimo village of 245 people – 70 miles away.