Veterans Affairs

I’ve been a civilian all of my life, and don’t understand the military as a whole. I’m not convinced that the military is ONLY responsible for the freedom we have in America, but without it there wouldn’t be freedom. There’s a lot of decisions made by our Commander-In-Chief and military leaders that I completely disagree with, but I don’t think our troops should pay for the mistakes of bad leadership. I also don’t feel like it’s my place to speak about issues that hit so hard against veterans, but every voice can count to try and bring attention to injustice.

At least 19 veterans died at VA hospitals in 2010 and 2011 because of delays in diagnosis and treatment.[1] In Phoenix 40 deaths were linked to failings at a VA hospital. On top of that 26 VA hospitals are being investigated for treatment delays and falsifying records.[2] Between August 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015 nearly 894,000 appointments at the VA failed to meet the timeliness goal that patients be seen within 30 days. Approximately one in 36 patient visits involved a delay of at least a month. And almost 232,000 of those appointments involved a delay of longer than 60 days.[3] One report showed that 1,700 veterans were kept on such waiting lists, and veterans waited an average of 115 days for an initial primary care appointment.[4] And the most egregious thing about the deaths, is the VA is falsifying records to receive bonuses of up to $33,000 despite a backlog of hundreds of thousands of benefits.[1]

Inspector General Richard Griffin at a Senate hearing on the state of the VA’s health care. “It’s one thing to be on a waiting list, it’s another for that to be the cause of death.” Places so far reported to have this problem are Phoenix; Fort Collins, Colorado; Miami; Columbia, S.C.; Pittsburgh, [4] as well as Cheyenne, Wyoming; Gainesville, Florida; Durham, North Carolina; and San Antonio.[1]

I remember a few years back speaking to a veteran who told me that he did everything in his power to avoid going to the VA for his medical problems by using private insurance he was able to get by being successful when he got out of the military. I also spoke with a different veteran who claimed the VA did everything in their power to fix the problems he had. I have my own problems I deal with that are not so unlike what a veteran deals with, and if my voice counts at all I would give them one piece of advice. Do the best you can to take care of yourself in every way to minimize having to use the VA hospitals. Having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping the mind active and positive can go a long way towards having overall health, which can keep you out of the hospital.

Also, if you’re on a wait list that doesn’t seem to be moving, find a way to see a doctor. Sometimes local clinics are inexpensive and can help take care of minor things that need to be handled immediately rather than have them turn into major things. For instance, if you have a cold that you think turned into a sinus infection that is not getting better, spend the $100+ to go to a local clinic that might get you the diagnosis for medication before it turns into pneumonia. Trust yourself and use common sense. It might be prudent to remember that the military runs like a socialist community, and our government is turning to socialism. In socialism, the weak, sick, and disabled are usually not useful to the nation, no matter how much of a hero you are or once were. My truths might be disconcerting, but Obamacare is designed for the government to seize control of the entire health care industry; so we are all in this together.


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American Conservatism

I defined Socialism a few blogs back[1], and I think American Conservatism should be defined as well. In Islamic Countries, people who call themselves “conservative” follow Sharia Law. In the Soviet Union being a “conservative” could mean defending the Socialist Revolution of 1918, and in Britain it could mean defending the monarchy system.[2] These ideas are opposite of the modern-day American Conservative, so it’s past time for a definition.

A good starting point that I agree with is going to the definition of Conservatism in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary[3], which is:

a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically : such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage)

That’s really not an all inclusive definition, because people that are considered conservative deviate from the definition. Let’s take the radioactive social issue of gay marriage as an example. There are some conservatives that believes being gay is a sin, and some are okay with gays but believe gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry. While still others believe they should be allowed to marry, but not force those who believe they shouldn’t be allowed to marry to engage in the event of a gay marriage in anyway, i.e. baking a cake, taking a picture, etc.

In Russell Kirk’s “The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot”, lays out six canons of a conservative, which I have reworded, possibly butchered to make it brief. First there’s the belief in a body of natural law, which rules society as well as conscience. Political problems are religious and moral problems. Second, there’s a variety and mystery of human existence, as opposed to a uniformity, what Robert Graves calls “Logicalism”. Third society requires orders and classes versus a classless society, i.e. socialism. Fourth freedom and property are closely linked. Fifth a faith in custom and convention and a distrust in man’s anarchic impulse and lust for power. And finally, change needs to be prudent and slow for social preservation, not radical and hasty.[4]

In America most people believe in Social Security, although it is a Ponzi scheme and a socialist idea.  Because most working adults have paid into the system, they believe they are entitled to it. Social Security is not a conservative principle, but most conservatives who aren’t rich enough to take care of themselves when they retire or disabled believe they should be entitled to what the law allows them. Does that make them not conservative? I think not. I just think American Conservatism encompasses a far larger set of ideas than does Socialism or Communism.

Other than what I’ve given I don’t have the time or space to give the details necessary to be all encompassing of the idea of the American Conservative. However the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, came up with a list of where you can get get the basics of {American} Conservatism.[5] And once those sources are researched, the Heritage Foundation created a list to delve further into the topic.  You can find the links in my bibliography.[6]


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Muslim Refugees – the Invasion

According to the UN, 51% of the 411,567 that have entered the Europe as refugees to date have papers from Syria.[1] Germany alone is expected to accept 800,000 refugees this year.[2] This is a far cry from Europe accepting 8,000 asylum in 2011 to 56,000 in 2013 and 150,000 in 2014[3]

In the United States the White House announced it will accept 10,000 Syrian refugees, and the House Democrats have made a written request to the White House to accept another 200,000 refugees, 100,000 of which have Syrian documentation.[4] Obama has a list of 190 cities that the refugees will be distributed to.[5] This is of course on top of the 250,000 Muslim migrants already admitted to the United States, annually.[6]

However fake Syrian documentation is being produced, and thought to be essential to be granted asylum. In Bulgaria, 10,000 fake Syrian passports were seized recently.[7] It’s safe to assume that Syrian documentation is being sold, but to who? According to data from the U.N., 75% of the immigrants who were given asylum in European nations are men, while only 13% are children and a mere 12% are women.[1] Whether this is a full scale invasion, the infamous “lone wolf” inspired terrorists by Islam sprinkled among refugees, or mostly Muslims refugees wanting a better life, here’s what to expect.

It’s hard to say how many of the refugees in Europe, but I heard five in six are Muslim. Considering many Muslims are falsely converting to Christianity to better their chances of being accepted in Western Countries, I think the number is a little higher. But as a conservative estimate, say 80% of the refugees are Muslim.

Considering Germany plans to take 800,000 and 411,000 have already been accepted, there’s going to be at least one million refugees taken in the Europe this year. This means 800,000 are Muslims. Since the U.S. accepts 250,000 Muslims every year and plans to possibly take in another 200,000 that means there will be up to 450,000 new Muslims in the U.S.

According to Daniel Pipes, 10%-15% of Muslims are Islamists, Muslims who seek implementation of Sharia Law.[8] As a reminder, Sharia Law is gamblers and drinkers should be whipped; wives should be beat for disobedience; eye for an eye judicial system; thieves get their hands chopped off; highway robbers crucified; homosexuals get executed; people who cheat on their spouses get stoned to death; critics of Islam must be put to death; those who leave Islam get killed; everyone else must engage in a Jihad.[9]

In 2015 Europe will be accepting 80,000 to 120,000 Islamists and the United States will accept 25,000 to 68,000. It’s unknown how many of these will be full blown Jihadists.

The United Kingdom is the best representation of what’s to come, since they are a Western Country who’s accepted a very high percentage of Muslims over the years. 21.3 per cent of British Muslims have never worked as opposed to the 4.3% of the total UK population that have never worked. This means they have to be supported somehow, usually by some form of welfare. The UK Muslims are poorer, sicker, less likely to own their own homes and more likely to live in bad areas. Countries that accept these refugees can expect their taxpaying citizens to support these refugees based on what’s happened in Britain.[10]

Halal Meat
Muslim refugees who are expecting to receive the charity of nations who throw away Red Cross aid packages, because the food contained in them is not Halal.[11] Halal is means “permissible” in Arabic. In order to be Halal the animal must have been fed on a natural diet. The animal must be hung upside down and allowed to bleed dry, but not be unconscious. The throat must be slit with a sharp knife while the name “Allah” is pronounced during the slaughter.[12] Honestly, I don’t understand why PETA is not freaking out at halal meat. And if you’re a Christian or Jew, you REALLY shouldn’t be eating halal meat. But if I was a refugee and halal was all there was to eat, you bet I’d eat it and be grateful I had food.

Child Molestation
If Muslims take over the west, the marrying of girls as young as six, and having sex with them at nine will be socially acceptable, because that is what Muhammad did to Aisha. However, before that happens, we can look to the UK and Ireland as an example of the beginning of things to come.

Little girls are being raped and groomed to being raped by Pakistani gangs. They are taken, abused, and left hundreds of miles away from where they were picked up.[13] People who try and report this are called racists, and the media the BBC ignores it. Their leader David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, was quoted after his stay with a Muslim family who he refers to as British Asians, “it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian {Muslim} way of life, not the other way around.” [14]

Calls To Prayer
In accordance with Sharia Law, Muslims try and pray five times a day. This adhaan, call to prayer, used to be shouted from rooftops from the minarets of mosques is now being replaced by loudspeakers that broadcast the call. When Muslims take over an area, be assured this will be blasted as loud as they want from mosques five times a day, everyday.[15]

Birth Rate
The European Union has a birth rate of 1.6 live births per woman.[16], and the United States has a birth rate of 1.9 live births per woman.[17] However Muslims have a birth rate of 3.1 live births per woman.[18]

It takes 2.1 live births per woman to sustain a society’s population.[19] Aside from the Jihad that Muslims are commanded to overtake a society, it looks like Western society doesn’t have the births to sustain its own non-Muslim population. Unless something changes, Muslims will overtake Western Society with their birthrate, and the West will become part of the Caliphate.


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Defund Planned Parenthood

In 1916, Margaret Sanger opened up a clinic, and women lined up for birth control information. It was shut down for not adhering to obscenity laws, but not before spawning a movement. By the 1960s Planned Parenthood clinics opened up providing birth control to patients for New York urban cities[1] and now currently has 665 clinics open nationwide.[2]

Margaret Sanger is consider to be the founder of Planned Parenthood. However she also spawned the American eugenics movement, wanting to rid the world of the blacks, poor, weak, feeble-minded and idiots through use of abortions and sterilization.[3] Planned Parenthood became her vehicle to accomplish her goals.

For the 2013-2014 annual report, Planned Parenthood provided 327,653 abortions.[4] A total of 765,651 abortions were reported to CDC for 2010[5] It would appear that Planned Parenthood is performing half of the abortions in the United States. The Centers for Medical Progress did some investigative reporting on Planned Parenthood and found that how they extract and sell fetus’ may be breaking many laws.[6]

The following services are provided by Planned Parenthood clinics in New York, which represents the services[7] Planned Parenthood provides: Annual Exams, Birth Control/Family Planning Services, Emergency Contraception (EC), Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling, Abortion Services, HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling, STD Testing, Colposcopy, Clinic Teen Nights.

If all the Planned Parenthood clinics, which totals 665 and don’t provide mammograms, lost its approximately $540 million in government funding[2], 13,540 health clinics with comprehensive health care for women could take its place.[8] It’s really long past time to take away Planned Parenthood’s government funding.


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Iran Deal 101

President Barack Obama: This has been a long time coming. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been advancing its nuclear program for decades. By the time I took office, Iran was operating thousands of centrifuges, which can produce the materials for a nuclear bomb — and Iran was concealing a covert nuclear facility.[1]

According to the Iran deal, Centrifuges used to enrich Uranium for things like nuclear power rods and nuclear weapons Iran will have to reduce the 19,000 centrifuges, down to 6,104 and these centrifuges will only enrich uranium to 3.67%[2] However the Associate Press reported seeing an secret document about how a UN agency will allow Iran to use its own inspectors to investigate a military site where it is suspected of conducting nuclear weapons work. [3] That would mean that Iran gets to monitor Iran.

By President Obama’s own admission, Iran has been advancing it’s nuclear program for decades concealing a nuclear facility, and now Iran will be in charge of investigating military sites to be sure it’s in compliance with the agreement.

Iran is projected to have a nuclear weapon in two to three months. The Iran deal supposedly prolongs this to ten years.  Iran will get it’s nuclear weapons very soon. The entire nuclear parts of the agreement becomes moot, because Iran is in charge of investigating it’s own facilities.

Under the agreement, sanctions will be lifted.[2] President Obama gave Iran $150 Billion signing bonus to Iran.[4] Iran is the leading sponsor of state terrorism funding and supporting organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban, and al-Qaida. [5]

President Obama stated, “Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. It helps prop up the Assad regime in Syria. It supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It aids the Houthi rebels in Yemen. So countries in the region are right to be deeply concerned about Iran’s activities, especially its support for violent proxies inside the borders of other nations.”

President Obama is well aware of Iran’s extracurricular activities aka financially supporting terrorism yet still gave them $150 Billion signing bonus. In fact shortly after Obama stated that the Iran Deal will make the world more safe, but Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said after the historic nuclear deal who was greeted with the customary chants of “Death to America!” that “{Iran’s} policies toward the arrogant U.S. government will not change.”[7]

Not only will this means more state sponsored terrorism, but Iran’s Commander stated, “hey (the US and the Zionists) should know that the Islamic Revolution will continue enhancing its preparedness until it overthrows Israel and liberates Palestine”[8]

Obama took the Iran Deal to the United Nations and got approval before he took it before Congress.[9] According to Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, the President does have the power to make treaties, a formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries, but only if two-thirds of Senate concurs. He recently got the 34th vote for the Iran Deal, which somehow is interpreted to mean that instead of the two-thirds the U.S. Constitution requires for approval of the treaty, President Obama needed only one-third, so two-thirds of the Senators don’t oppose the treaty. [10]

Currently, the democrats are seeking 41 votes in the US Senate, so they won’t have to even vote on the Iran Deal. They are trying to use a filibuster, so that members of Congress won’t have to vote on the Iran Deal, or this treaty.[11] All the while national security gets thrown by the wayside in this game of politics in the name of President Obama’s legacy, a legacy that might include the nuclear annihilation of every major city in the United States of America.

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