Illegal Immigration – Part II

Taking steps towards deterring illegal immigration is essential once deportation has been initiated. If not the United States will continue to experience illegal immigration from people who have been repeated deported.[1] The ways this can be done is by erected a fence along the southern border, enforcing laws with regards to visas, shutting down sanctuary cities, and removing the welfare and entitlement programs given to illegal immigrants.

There’s a lot of debate about the best way to secure the 1,933 miles southern United States border with Mexico. However what can be agreed upon is that in order for it to be secure a fence, double-layer fence or wall that is guarded needs to be erected. According to Congressman Louis Gomert legislation is already written for a fence.[2]  At least two-thirds of the border has no fencing and only 36 miles has double-layer fence. Department of Homeland Security has set aside $2.5 billion to build 700 miles of fence.[3] In addition guarding the fence using border agents may not be adequate.  Lytle, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville, said a deployment of 15,000 National Guard troops would be more effective.[4] However the best plan to secure the border would come from a think tank filled with civilian and military experts.

Another way the United States can deter illegal immigration is to enforce laws as they relate to visas. Currently the US doesn’t go after everyone who overstays their visas, but tries to track down the ones they perceive to be a “concern”. So long as the individual is not a “concern” they can stay.[5] At least five of the nineteen terrorists of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks took advantage of this visa “loophole”. Furthermore fifteen of the 911 terrorists did not properly fill out their visa paperwork and should have never been allowed entry into the United States.[6] Out of the 45 million who arrive by air and sea, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that 416,500 people had their Visa’s expire in the fiscal year 2015.[7] The amount of criminals and terrorists who have overstayed their visa is not known.

While expired visas are a concern, even more of a concern are sanctuary cities. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement records, from January 1 to August 31, 2014, more than 8,100 deportable aliens were released after arrest in approximately 300 local sanctuary jurisdictions, even though ICE had issued a detainer seeking custody in advance of deporting them. Approximately 62 percent of these offenders had a prior criminal history roughly 3,000 were felons. The Government Accountability Office released a study of 250,000 locked up in the federal, state and local prisons. Their numbers are staggering and account for a quarter of the population in federal prison,[8] averaging about seven arrests and 12 offenses per criminal alien.[9] The offenses range from homicide, burglary, drugs, assault, fraud, and sex crimes. Also once an illegal immigrant is granted a hearing, approximately 59% skip the hearing to in the US.[10]

Finally a way to deter illegal immigration is reforming the entitlement and welfare system, so that illegal immigrants aren’t provided most services. They can be provided emergency services, but once the emergency is handled they need to be deported. The average household headed by an immigrant, legal or illegal, costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits, which is 41 percent higher than the $4,431 received by the average native household.[11] This especially becomes a problem when the fertility rate among immigrants is significantly higher than the native born.[12] Who will support this influx of immigrants if most rely on taxpayers to support them? There is no other viable long term solution than to reform the entitlement and welfare programs with regards to immigration.

Once illegal immigrants have been deported and steps taken towards preventing their return citizens and legal immigrants can focus on fixing the problems with America like the exorbitant national debt, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, crime etc. Most of these problems are fixed with money from taxpayers who don’t need the additional burden of funding illegal immigrants and all the problems they bring with them.

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Illegal Immigration – Part I

Illegal immigration is the bane of our society. Like every other first world nation, the United States of America has a way to immigrate here legally with a vetting process. President Obama stated he will be expected 85,000 Syrian refugees[1] from the hot bed of terror. CIA Director John Brennan said ISIS is currently attempting infiltrate operatives into the USA through refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel.[2] FBI director James Comey stated that in the next five years the terrorist in the middle east will scatter across the world.[3] He also stated that there are no way to vet most of these incoming refugees.[4]

To be conservative, the high value of $619.4 billion is the cost to deport “11.2 million illegal immigrants”[5].  Using the CPI calculator this number is brought to the year 2016 as $631.71 billion[6]. This totals $55,904 per illegal immigrant. The actual number of illegal immigrants is closer to 26.9 million.[7] The cost to apprehend, detain, legally process, and transport all the illegal immigrants to their home country is $1.5 Trillion.

In 2013 the federal, state and local government spent annually $113 billion for all the costs associated with illegal immigrants, which is paid for by taxpayers.[8] Using the CPI inflation calculator, this amount is $117.26 Billion. If in 2017 all the illegal immigrants were deported at a cost of $1.5 Trillion, by not having them here as of 2018 the taxpayers could save $117 Billion annually to taxpayers. In approximately 13 years, the mass deportation would paid for itself.

Despite having a migrant worker program, it’s estimated that 15.2 million skilled labor is being provided to illegal immigrants.[8]  The real unemployment rate is 9.5% as of September, which includes those who are neither working nor looking for work but who want and are available to work and have looked for work in the past year), and people who are working part-time but want a full-time job. The unemployment rate is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force.[9] 4.9% is the unemployment rate cited in October 2016, which totaled 7.8 million unemployed[10]. This implies that the real number of unemployed is 15.1 million. If the all the illegal immigrants were deported, the free market would help adjust wages, so most of these unemployed would take these jobs significantly lowering the unemployment rate and helping citizens.

According to taxpayers have paid for $30 billion in incarcerations since 2008 less the untold losses of life, property, and damages from these illegal criminals. There’s also currently 947,960 fugitives free in the United States that have committed serious crimes. Taxpayers have also paid for $397 Billion in social services and provided $186 Billion for primary schooling for illegal immigrants since 1996.[7]  Based on all the information, it’s time to take illegal immigration seriously and work on a plan to deport these illegal immigrants from this nation.

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Clinton Emails 101

The Clintons have been in the midst of scandals for almost forty years. A very thorough WND article on the subject titled “Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever”[1] explains most of the scandals in detail. A documentary to watch that postulates exactly how the Clintons went from dead broke to a net worth of $111 million[2] is in a documentary called Clinton Cash[3] with a book[4] by the same name all found in the bibliography.

Although the book and documentary goes further with detail, essentially the Clintons engaged in a pay to play scheme. In other words foreign governments and oligarchs would donate money to the Clinton Foundation, as well as Bill Clinton for “speaking fees”, which they used as a slush fund. For example, in 2014 only 5.7% of the donations to the Clinton Foundation went towards charitable causes.[5] Most of the money went towards paying for Clinton’s expenses like food, lodging and flights.

In exchange for donations and payment of speaking fees, the oligarchs and governments got access to the U.S. State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The book didn’t have a smoking gun proving this pay to play scheme beyond a reasonable doubt aside from suspicious times and dates of money donated to the Clinton Foundation and access to the State Department.[3] Currently the FBI is investigating the Clintons for their involvement in the Clinton Foundation’s pay for play scheme, and FBI sources have stated that an indictment is “likely” unless the Department of Justice refuses to prosecute.[6]

The summary of the timeline for the Clinton’s private server is as follows. In June 2008 the Clinton’s had an Apple representative install a private server hosting two domains in the basement of their Chappaqua home for her Presidential campaign. In the Fall 2008 the Clintons then contacted an IT specialist who over a period of months constructs a separate server to host a private Hillary Clinton email domain. On January 21, 2009, Hillary is sworn in as Secretary of State. Hillary and her staff used her own private email server for all correspondence after March 19, 2009[7] during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Judicial Watch brought about a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA for access to Clinton’s work related emails as Secretary of State.[8] The Intelligence Community Inspector General got the FBI involved to determine if there was classified emails on the server and whether it had been hacked.[9] The Clintons turned over 30,000 emails to the FBI, but deleted 31,000 emails that had been requested on December 14, 2015.[10] She claimed the emails were personal containing yoga routines and her daughter’s wedding plans. She deleted them using an uncommon procedure of deletion, BleachBit.[11]

The FBI used many methods to try and restore the lost data. Hillary Clinton was unaware that some of the data was stored on the internet’s Cloud, which was turned over to the FBI.[10] The FBI found thousands of work related emails in the ones that weren’t relinquished. From all the emails on the Server there was at least 110 classified documents.[9]

The FBI director, James Comey, stated that, “there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” He also stated that only a small portion of the classified documents contained markings that showed it was classified, and that the purveyors of the emails should have known. However he recommended not to indict Hillary Clinton, because the FBI thought there was no intent to break the law. They further stated that no prosecutor would prosecute the case.[9] FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information have been taken from it.[6]

However Rudy Giuliani, who was a federal prosecutor, stated that extreme carelessness is gross negligence, and intent doesn’t play a part whether to prosecute or not.[12]. He also listed fifteen felony charges he would charge Clinton with based on public information.[13] It would be very easy to assume based on all the evidence the Clintons didn’t want the pay to play scheme to be discovered, so they used a private email server so they’d be in control of their emails.


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The Snowflake Revolution

As a result of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election loss of 2016, some special snowflakes held cry-ins and candlelight vigils, had their midterms and classes cancelled, and confined themselves to their designated “safe spaces”[1]. Some received tissues, blankets and chocolate during their ivy league cry-in.[2] Still other special snowflakes are donning safety pins to show their solidarity with the “Not My President” movement.[3]

Cascadia is an area encompassing all or portions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Canada, California, etc.[4] A proposed map of Cascadia is shown below.

A ballot initiative was submitted to the Oregon for Oregon to secede from the Union in order to form Cascadia in response to the election of Donald Trump. It was withdrawn on November 11, 2016 due to responses. The movement towards forming Cascadia comes about every so often. However it is worth noting the US Supreme Court already ruled in the 1869 case Texas v. White that no State can secede from the Union. The ballot initiative would have been struck down when challenged in the Court system by precedence.[5] The only way Cascadia will form is if the territories win a civil and a war with Canada.

A petition has been formed on to only count the popular votes ridding our Republic of the electoral college.[6] So far they have over 4 million signatures trying to get to 4.5 million by December 19, 2016. However there is something a snowflake might want to consider before signing that. And that’s why we have an electoral college to begin with, which is so the rural areas have a say in elections. Here’s a map of where half the population lives.[7]

Protests are going on across major cities from Los Angeles to New York in the “Not My President” or “Love Trumps Hate” movement. Although most of the protests are peaceful, there’s been roads and bridges blocked, vandalism and a shooting. [8] As with any revolution, there are mercenaries. In this case the people that are paid to protest are funded by a left wing tax-exempt charity called The Progress Unity Fund.[9] Black Lives Matter, who George Soros funded in the past[10] as well as at least five revolutions[11], is also involved with these protests.[12] Retired Army General Michael Flynn believes some of the people protesting are “paid anarchists.”[13]

In conclusion, the special snowflakes are engaged in a revolution to either get Hillary in office or destroy the United States of America. Perhaps they should consider how they’d feel if Hillary had won and the Trump supporters were doing exactly what they are doing. Other than the anarchists, they’d be disheartened and terrified. After all there are very few “safe places” during a civil war.


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